Industries We Serve

The IT sector is the most emerging Section in India and globally in the upcoming decade. In the FY year 2020, the revenue is expected to grow at around $191billion. Every year it is expected to grow by 7.7%. The digital business is expected to reach $350 billion during 2025. Hence, from the above scenario, it is clear that the job creation in this field will grow at a rapid pace, and we are at One Key Consultancy in Rajasthan are eager to help the young talent in guiding them for getting the right direction in their career. Hence, trust us and grow with us.

In the upcoming year, the banking sector can grow at a rapid pace; it can bring in new job opportunities for the youth of the nation. Our consultancy has the tie-ups with the country’s most reputed banks to provide the candidates the best job opportunities they deserve. The banking jobs are five types: business banking, retail banking, investment banking, corporate banking, and private banking. We try to ensure that candidates get placed in all these five sectors to live their passion for dream jobs. Last year we placed our candidates in some of the most reputed banks in the country.

It is estimated that the BPO sector in India will grow $83.6 billion during 2020-2024. Hence, from the mentioned figure, it is evident that the number of job opportunities it can create for our nation’s youth. This sector’s potential is enormous in the upcoming years, and we try to grab this opportunity by placing candidates on the most reputed BPO companies in the country. We have a dedicated team of HR professionals who source the candidates in some of the reputed BPO companies in the state with a high salary package & benefits for our candidates. Hence, grab the best opportunity from us.

The event management industry’s current size is $1100 billion in 2018 -2020, and this industry is expected to grow by $2330 billion by 2026. This industry’s growth potential is vast, and in the upcoming years will create more job opportunities both nationally and globally. We have the expertise to utilize this opportunity in a better manner. We have a dedicated team of professionals who makes tie-ups with different event management companies in India and across the globe to place the candidates in the state and nation’s most reputed companies. Hence, your child’s future is secure with us to provide the best placements your child deserve.

The education and the training industry is the most recession-proof industry. The chances of getting a job are very high in this sector. The education sector is also growing at a faster pace here. The education sector in India is the most profitable business in the country. We place our candidates to various reputed educational institutes and organizations to help them build their careers in this sector. We have tie-ups with the most prestigious and reputed institutes of the state to secure the candidates’ future. In the upcoming years, more job opportunities this sector will bring for the nation’s talented youths.

It is very hard now to get a job in the manufacturing sector. In many companies, due to the artificial intelligence application, the human requirement is decreasing in this sector. The matter of fact here is you need to have a strong reference point to get a job in this sector. In this regard, our services can help you to get a job in this sector very quickly. We have established strong connections with some high profile manufacturing companies to provide our candidates with the best exposure in this sector. We also take care of the salary package for the candidates to get the thing they want from this sector and establish a successful career here.

Due to COVID-19, the tourism industry is affected badly. But once this pandemic is over, this industry possesses enormous potential to grow. The good news is that we do provide good placement opportunities to the candidates in this sector, even in such a crisis. In the upcoming years, this industry will increase after recovering from this current situation, and the job opportunities will also become higher. Hence, if you are concerned with your career and jobs, our consultancy will be the best place to solve your future worries. We provide an infinite number of opportunities to the candidates to crack the interviews.

The Logistics and the warehouse industry are expected to grow by $215 billion during 2020-21. In this regard, the growth rate will be around 10% every year. Hence the job opportunities will be higher in this sector in the coming years. We have connections with the best companies to provide quality placements to our candidates in the country. We try to place our candidates in a place where they can survive in the industry for a longer duration. The logistics industry is a growing sector, and in the upcoming years, more job opportunities will be created in this sector. Thus it will help the candidates to get better opportunities.

The hospitality industry is also a booming industry to provide an ample amount of job opportunities to the nation’s youth. The expected growth rate of this industry is 7.5% per year. The annual growth will be around $270 billion by 2025. We have placed many candidates in this sector previous year with good package and in the reputed organization. We understand the value of the career of every candidate. We provide all sorts of assistance to the candidates so that they can crack the interview very quickly. For the last few years, many candidates are happily placed in many reputed companies due to our assistance.

The export & import industry is one of the biggest employers for the youths of the nation. The candidates will also get the scope to work abroad if they get a chance in a reputed export-import company in India. We provide this golden opportunity to our candidates every year. Our expert team of HR’s gives their best to fulfill the aspirations of their candidates. We try to deliver our best effort for candidates’ bright future and make tie-ups with such companies that can provide quality placements and jobs to our aspiring candidates worldwide. Hence, if you seek our services, then it can change your life.

The jobs in sales and marketing profiles are easy to get. But the challenge is to get job security in this field. Better to say the chances of the job stability are very low in this field. Hence, we try to offer job placements in such a company where the working environment and job stability are very high in this sector. We understand the candidates’ concerns very well, so we try to deliver our services according to it. Hence, if you are searching for quality jobs in this field, then we can provide you the right assistance that you require.

The health care industry is also a recession-proof industry, just like the education industry. The availability of jobs in this sector is also very high. You need to select the right organization to establish your career in this sector. Our consultancy is placing the candidates in this sector for many years. And we know your requirements very well. So, we give our best services to our aspiring candidates to get the quality placements to fulfill their dreams in the future. Hence, you will get the dream job of your choice to excel in your career in the future. It is our primary objective to place you in the best organization.